Heaven & Earth Qigong Online Training Program – Energy Arts

Original price was: $267.00.Current price is: $77.00.


Heaven & Earth Qigong Online Training Program – Energy Arts

Original price was: $267.00.Current price is: $77.00.

Heaven & Earth Qigong Online Training Program – Energy Arts

What you are about to discover is a method to develop the energetic system of your body that is still relatively unknown in the West. Qigong, or energy exercise, consists of relatively easy movement sequences usually done on the spot, that stimulate the vascular system and energy lines of the body—all WITHOUT high-impact exercise that causes pressure on the heart, the joints and vulnerable places of the body.


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Heaven & Earth Qigong Online Training Program - Energy ArtsThe Power of Qigong

What you are about to discover is a method to develop the energetic system of your body that is still relatively unknown in the West. Qigong, or energy exercise, consists of relatively easy movement sequences usually done on the spot, that stimulate the vascular system and energy lines of the body—all WITHOUT high-impact exercise that causes pressure on the heart, the joints and vulnerable places of the body.

With its slow, repetitive, circular motion, qigong has been practiced in China for millennia by hundreds of millions of people to stay healthy, heal their bodies and counter the effects of aging. It goes counter to some of prevailing myths about health and exercise:

Myth #1: I need to get stronger (tense) to feel better
Western exercise typically has a big focus on cardiovascular training that requires a lot of repetitive stress on the joints and body system or on lifting weights. As the body ages repetitive shock to the joints and muscles can have negative effect. Chinese exercise systems take a different approach to look at the integration of all the physical components in the body as well as qi development and circulation.

Myth #2: What the qigong form looks like on the outside is what is most important
Often we associate power with things that look bigger and more dramatic, but with energy arts and qigong this is not necessarily the case. It is often the smaller, more contained movements that generate and circulate qi more rapidly. This is the case for both the smaller form tai chi sets (such as Wu style) and shorter qigong sets such as Heaven and Earth.

Myth #3: Qigong can only be used to relax and it’s too soft to generate power
It is a common misunderstanding that outward strength and power are one in the same. Would you rather have strong muscles or better functioning vital organs? Would you rather look good on the outside, but feel turmoil underneath? Or are you ready to do something to feel clearer, freer and more stable from deep within, so that energy radiates from the inside out? Through qigong you relax and ensure that your deep physical structures are nourished and healthy which in turn give you greater strength and qi to live life fully.

Myth #4: More movements in a qigong or tai chi form generates more qi
Although outwardly learning more moves may be fun, a better strategy for well-being is to learn a few movements in which you can practice the most powerful internal components for your health and vitality. Heaven and Earth has a few moves for which are perfect to practice various internal components. Once you master them inside this qigong set FIRST then you can bring them into the longer sets later for even more benefit.

Myth #5: Thinking about my problems and visualizing the solution can help me feel better

If we may want to simply assume our manner out of our problems, the entire global could be happy. From a Taoist perspective, you simply should do some thing to actively launch the electricity that turns into blocked inside you, whether or not that’s physical, energetic, emotional or intellectual in nature. Visualizations on my own aren’t enough. Heaven and Earth affords a easy field for feeling and connecting deeply to your self to discover what’s there. You can use its specialised era to address the blocks you find. Over time, you could develop your ability with freeing ever-deeper layers of certain electricity and, in so doing, come to be freer, more healthy and greater alive in body, thoughts and spirit.

Heaven & Earth Qigong:
A Simple Exercise System to heal your body and awaken your qi

Heaven and Earth is one of the most popular qigong sets inside the Energy Arts System because it is easy to learn and benefits from training can be experienced almost immediately. It is also one of the core sets that anyone serious about internal arts will want to train deeply.

Make no mistake though, within this qigong set are neigong (internal energy components) that make it extremely useful and powerful to help you feel better.

Just take a look at Heaven and Earth’s range of internal-energetic layers—each containing in­credible potential depth:

  • Alignments
  • Bending-and-stretching
  • Twisting
  • Wrapping
  • Open-and-closing (a.k.a. pulsing)
  • Lengthening (yin-yang flows)
  • Breathing
  • Techniques for working with the etheric field
  • Feeling, moving and transforming internal energies
  • Macrocosmic and microcosmic orbits
  • Outer Dissolving
  • Techniques for working with the left and right channels of energy
  • Techniques for working with the central channel of energy
  • Techniques for working with the internal organs
  • Techniques for working with the lower tantien.

Every qigong set in the Energy Art System is linked to a specific element. Heaven and Earth Qigong specifically develops the energy of the Wood Element in your body.

The Wood Element gets the body’s fluids and qi to powerfully circulate throughout the body. When qi flows better, you can relax … and feel better.

A few of the additional self-healing benefits of Heaven and Earth Qigong include:

  1. Balancing the qi flow throughout the body
  2. Opening blocked energy gates
  3. Tonifying the internal organs, and
  4. Clearing the mind of stuck energy and mental churning.

It is also useful for coping with a repetitive stress injury (RSI), such as carpal tunnel syndrome, joint pain, arthritis and physical tension.

In fact, Heaven and Earth Qigong—a 3,000-year-old exercise system—is often referred to as “healing qigong” because it’s specialty is powerfully circulating blood and qi throughout the body, rapidly healing illness and generating vitality.

In this way, Heaven and Earth is a powerful tool for CLEARING physical, energetic and emotional blockages, and REVITALIZING the body and mind.

8 Ways Heaven & Earth Qigong is Unique

01. The Five Primary Qi Flows

By practicing this movement form, you will work with five primary qi flows in the body including: opening and closing the skeletal frame, activating and developing the ascending and descending qi flows (acupressure meridians), activating and developing the collateral qi flows, cleansing the tissues inside the brain, and joining the above qi flows to generate and boost the great and small orbits of energy.

02. Works Directly with the Liver Organ

Heaven and Earth energetics uses the Wood Element and targets the liver, which, in Chinese medicine, is associated with the power to get things done when healthy, and frustration and anger when qi is blocked in the liver. Heaven and Earth practice balances the liver qi and gives you a systematic and progressive method for dispelling stagnancies, emotions, traumas and chemical toxins in the liver.

03. Smooths Out the Emotions

The body, mind and emotions are influenced by qi. So when qi becomes inhibited, clogged up or stagnant, there is a tendency not only for physical problems to emerge, but also irregular and raw emotions. If left unaddressed for too long, an individual can become volatile–potentially explosive, depressive or swing between the two. Getting the liver qi moving well can smooth the emotions and help a practitioner reach a more stable baseline.

04. Improved Intellectual Performance

Intellectual work can literally cause the brain to “eat” the body, as the Chinese say. Mental overload requires more blood and qi, so the brain starts pulling from the internal organs to keep going. The movements in Heaven and Earth are designed to cleanse the brain and balance qi flow in the macrocosmic and microcosmic orbits and encourage alternating rhythms in the body.

05. Value for Those Who Meditate

Opening and closing is a key to Taoist meditation. Internally pulsing specific points within your body and mind gives you the ability to target places inside where you feel blocked energy. Heaven and Earth is a simple movement form that can enable you to access inner spiritual blockages, which is a rare and invaluable tool for meditation.

06. Circulate Qi within the Macrocosmic and Microcosmic Orbits

During the macrocosmic orbit, as the practitioner cultivates sensitivity to qi, they can gain the ability to link with the energies of Earth and Heaven, and then circulate those energies throughout their entire body. Working with these environmental energies can have a profound impact on health, perception, and the ability to feel and work with qi

07. Integrate Layers of the 16 Neigong

With one continuous motion, the emphasis on this qigong movement set is on building layer upon layer of internal qi content through many repetitions instead of varying movement sequences. It contains an amazing depth of internals, spanning the first 12 of 16 broad categories of internal-energetic principles (neigong). It bridges beginning to more advanced qigong practice, which is one of the reasons it’s a favorite amongst new and existing students alike.

08. Etheric and Energetic Workout System

The secret behind exponential energy growth lies in Heaven and Earth’s specialized technology, which is designed to engage everything in the human body and its energy, from the etheric field to the central channel, and all the layers in be­tween. In terms of the learning progression, Heaven and Earth is the first Water tradition neigong to work at this depth, developing the bulk of physical content found in tai chi and bagua, as well as developing the foundation material necessary for advanced qigong systems.

3 Core Internal Benefits and Practices

Core #1: Soft-Tissue Techniques

The physical motions of the Heaven and Earth form, along with foundational soft-tissue techniques:

  • Relieve tension in the body, mind, and qi
  • Dredge up and release blockages from old injuries
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion
  • Improve circulation and digestion
  • Reduce high blood pressure and improve venous return
  • Reduce back, neck and shoulder restrictions, and pain
  • Strengthen the arms, neck, legs, spine and internal organs
  • Seal inguinal hernias.

Core #2: Pulsing Techniques

When opening-and-closing (pulsing) techniques come online and are woven into the fabric of the Heaven and Earth form, all of the previous positive effects are amplified, and deeper blockages and restrictions can drop away. Additional benefits of pulsing:

  • Relieves constipation by inducing peristalsis—movement within the large intestine
  • Repairs joint and soft-tissue damage from repetitive-strain injuries and blunt-force traumas, and relieves pain from both
  • Relieves and repairs damage from arthritis
  • Profoundly releases the nerves
  • Takes pressure away from the heart by directly pulsing the blood vessels, which tones them and increases circulation
  • Reduces stress and soothes the nerves by strengthening the synapses and regulating smoother and more regular signals in the central nervous system.

Core #3: Energetic Techniques

When the specific energetic and Wood Element techniques are woven in another boost in the efficiency and effectiveness of all the previous benefits takes place. Additional benefits of energetic techniques include:

  • Mitigates the effects of alcohol, including reducing hangovers and long-term damage to the liver from alcoholism
  • Circulates blood and relieves energetic congestion in the brain, which has the knock-on effect of improving sleep and rest cycles
  • Improves digestion by balancing the liver and gallbladder
  • Tonifies and improves liver and gallbladder function as a whole, which has the potential to relieve more serious ailments, such as hepatitis, over time.

What’s Inside the Heaven & Earth
Online Training

1.OVER 70 succinct, carefully-crafted STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS to easily and successfully learn the two-part Heaven and Earth exercise and the essential internal techniques.

This is the first comprehensive online training ever created to teach you Heaven and Earth Qigong in just eight weeks. It has been designed so that you can practice from your home … or anywhere in the world. If you don’t have high quality teacher nearby this program is an excellent training companion, and it is powerful tool to use in preparation for attending live trainings.

2. Specific INTERNAL AND ENERGETIC PRINCIPLES to focus on each week of the program.

With a special focus on openings & closings and partner practices using a step-by-step progression and close-up videos on how to pulse all of the major joints of the body. Never published before footage!

3. GUIDED PRACTICE VIDEOS every week – follow along with Paul and Energy Arts students.

Direct access to practice videos to take you through this qigong form first in components and then as a set. Stream from your computer and learn each week to complete the movement form.

4. The Energy Arts Training Forum on Facebook

Get access to the the private Energy Arts Training Forum that is only for current students of our programs. Connect with other people on the course and stay in touch with the global community.

An Overview of the Training Curriculum

Video 1: Introduction to Heaven & Earth

Video 2: Benefits of Heaven & Earth Qigong

Video 3: Standing Alignments

Video 4: Guidelines for Moving in Qigong

Video 5: How to Move the Arms: Overview

Video 6: How to Move the Arms: Practice Session

Video 7: How to Move the Arms: Linking the Arms Deeper into the Body

Video 8: How to Move the Arms: Considerations for

Intermediate Students and the Naturally Flexible

Video 9: The Weight Shift

Video 10: Join the Weight Shift with the Arms

Video 11: Join the Weight Shift with the Arms: Practice Session

Video 12: Kwa Squat: Overview

Video 13: Kwa Squat: Practice Session

Video 14: The C-curve: Overview

Video 15: Hook the Neck

Video 16: Roll the Pelvis

Video 17: Draw Back the Mid Spine

Video 18: The C-curve: Practice Session

Video 19: The C-curve and Kwa Squat: Overview

Video 20: The C-curve and Kwa Squat: Practice Session

Video 21: Completing the Basic Heaven & Earth Form: Overview

Video 22: Completing the Basic Heaven & Earth Form:

Arms and Weight Shift with Kwa Squat and C-curve

Video 23: Completing the Basic Heaven & Earth Form: Practice Session

Video 24: Bending and Stretching Neigong: Overview

Video 25: Bending and Stretching in Heaven & Earth Qigong for Beginners

Video 26: Bending and Stretching in Heaven & Earth Qigong: Practice Session

Video 27: Bending and Stretching in Heaven & Earth Qigong for Intermediate Students

Video 28: Energetically Penetrating the Legs: Overview

Video 29: Energetically Penetrating the Legs: Practice Session

Video 30: Energetically Penetrating the Legs in Heaven & Earth Qigong

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