The Past Life Regression Training with Linda Backman

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $170.10.


The Past Life Regression Training with Linda Backman

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $170.10.

In this 10-step transformational training, Dr. Backman will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to learn to help others uncover important insights from their past lives, illuminating what they need to face and heal to thrive in this lifetime


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The Past Life Regression Training with Linda BackmanThe Past Life Regression Training with Linda Backman

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Modules

In this 10-step transformational training, Dr. Backman will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you’ll need to learn to help others uncover important insights from their past lives, illuminating what they need to face and heal to thrive in this lifetime.

Each session will build harmoniously upon the previous ones so you’ll develop a complete holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles to master this potent hypnosis-based modality.

You’ll receive in-depth teachings and experiential intuitive deepening practices and step-by-step instruction for conducting a past life regression from a renowned expert in the field. Linda will also present true-life case studies from her client work to ground and expand the teachings. In addition, you’ll be given weekly exercises and journaling questions to deepen your access to your guides and help shift current life challenges.

Module 1: How to Be Accountable for Your Past Life Karma & Dharma


Our past lives and the information about them are believed to be held within the Akashic Records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space, or ether. It’s believed these records are real but energetic, existing in a non-physical plane.

Often, we have more than one past life where related circumstances constrict our life today — a pattern that appears from one life to the next, leading us to make faulty assumptions about our capabilities or how others will treat us.

For example, you may have had a lifetime 1,500 years ago that’s tied to your unexamined, puzzling, or undermining beliefs today. Perhaps your mindset was much too “advanced” for others at that time, and in your life today, you may shy away from being open about what is deeply meaningful to you for fear you’ll be ostracized. You can gain important insights by considering the apprehension you now hold that may be tied to a past-life experience.

In this first module, you’ll explore how when a client is in trance, she is able to utilize intuition to become aware of such past life events and details.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Recognize symptoms of unresolved past-life issues
  • Understand how a client’s guides and higher Self determine which past life is revealed
  • Accept the validity of past life details that emerge in a regression
  • Connect a client’s current life with past-life content that surfaces

Experiential exercise: Guided intuitive encounter to trust we are guided at all times

Module 2: How to Resolve Past-life Physical, Emotional & Relationship Issues Through Regression Hypnotherapy


Soul regression therapy uses hypnosis, similar to deep meditation, to support and guide a client into a relaxed, altered state of consciousness called trance.

Every day, when we relax enough to fall asleep, the frequency of our brain waves lessons. It’s when we are in these alpha and theta brain wave states that we gain access to the soul knowledge of our higher Self. Your higher Self has access to guides (in other realms and lifetimes) and a “library” of soul information that can be helpful to your soul’s evolution.

During regression hypnotherapy, your left brain is the mental overseer, enabling you to understand intuitive guidance from the spiritual realm. The key to gaining clarity and balance in this process is to exercise and trust both your right- and left-brain capabilities.


  • Understand and normalize the process of hypnotherapy
  • Recognize the meaning of “brain wave state” in hypnosis
  • Comprehend how past life regression reveals valid karma and dharma to be resolved and embraced in life today
  • Work with getting an uneasy client to relax
  • Gain an overview of the client benefits of past life regression

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to deepen and allow past life content to arise

Module 3: Reaching an Altered State of Consciousness Through Past Life Regression


Past life regression clients frequently uncover a past life pattern, for example, in which they have repeatedly been abandoned by a parent, either physically or emotionally. In the soul DNA of such people, there may still be karmic residue of this past, causing them to cling to feelings of victimization.

If they can be guided in releasing this bound-up hurt and anger, they can let go of their emotional distress and clear out this painful energy, which can enable their soul’s evolution to achieve its intentions this time around.


  • Guide a client into trance or altered state
  • Recognize the meanings of life plan and free will
  • Understand that the client’s higher Self and guides select the life to be revealed during a regression session
  • Learn how to use your voice pattern and energy to assist a client to relax
  • Understand classic themes and resulting issues over lifetimes

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to discover a past life theme

Module 4: Preparing the Client to Discover a Significant Past Life


Interviewing and preparing a client for a past life regression is as important as conducting the regression itself. One or two pointed questions from the client can aid their guides as to which past life to reveal. Examples of such questions include: Is there a current life relationship that could potentially be tied to a past lifetime? Or, is there a past life event that could be causing a current life fear or physical symptom?

Soul regression can illuminate the root cause of a physical or emotional health challenge. Melding our eternal Soul Memory Code with this lifetime’s body and mind activates our life blueprint to evolve our soul — and that of humanity.

In that respect, when we release past life trauma and care for our mind, body, and spirit in the ways that are best for us, we also honor the core of “all that is.”

You’ll discover how to:

  • Conduct a pre-regression session client interview
  • Prepare the client and environment for a past life regression
  • Help a client ask pertinent questions that relate to the upcoming past life discovery
  • Assist a client to prepare to release past life circumstances in life today
  • Aid a client understanding that their guide’s intention is benevolent

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to talk with a guide about intentions and questions to be asked in a regression

Module 5: Using a Past Life Hypnotic Induction to Guide Intuitive Discovery


Past life regression is a powerful tool. In simple terms, it refers to the use by a trained practitioner of specific breathing techniques, guided imagery, and other noninvasive means to guide a client into a natural state of relaxation, or trance hypnosis, that is conducive to accessing information beyond that which can be obtained in our everyday waking state.

The regression therapist uses a specific hypnotic induction to support a client’s revelation of a past life that can explain circumstances in current life. Understanding the past life regression process, as well as a specific group of skills, is essential for a practitioner to have success at this. Such skills include helping a client in moving through the past lifetime, scene by scene, and uncovering events surrounding the death scene.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Perform a past-life hypnotic induction
  • Anchor a client in their first past-life scene
  • Help a client to relax and deepen their regression process
  • Assist a client in allowing past life content to surface
  • Aid a client in understanding the value of the death scene

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience for participants to discover a karmic or dharmic past life

Module 6: Discovering Past Life Revelations On Earth & Interplanetary


Past lives can affect our current life in every imaginable manner — physically, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Regression into past-life memory “opens the curtain” on specific important scenes and events that we have lived in different times and places, providing an opportunity to unlock emotions, thoughts, awarenesses, and energetic blocks they may have caused.

Regression hypnotherapy is a precise and powerful tool you can use to access and deepen your understanding of your core Self. It can open a unique window on any number of issues and life circumstances, including fear of death, health challenges, emotions, phobias, career choices, geographic location of residence, relationships, and interplanetary connections (lifetimes spent in realms other than Earth).

You’ll discover how to:

  • Guide a client forward and backward in a past life
  • Prepare a client to connect a past life to current life circumstances
  • Help a client determine if they’ve experienced an interplanetary life
  • Assist a client to prepare to release past life circumstances in life today
  • Aid a client in understanding that when a loved one dies their soul energy remains

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to talk with a guide about lives on Earth and elsewhere

Module 7: Past Life Karma
Attaching or Detaching From Past Life Experiences


Resolving experiences from other lifetimes often requires “attaching to” and acceptance of challenging past experiences, such as the death of a child, the ending of a love relationship, the ache of aloneness, and more.

Attachment happens when we encounter a previous life circumstance in which discomfort was the end result. Once we attach, it’s crucial to free ourselves from the pain that binds us.

Detachment relates to maintaining healthy emotional and physical distance from an event or situation. it’s in the freeing, in the detachment, that we start to understand that all is meaningful, and is there to lead us ever higher on the ladder of our individual soul evolution, and that of humanity.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Guide a client to attach to challenging past-life experiences
  • Prepare a client to detach from tough past-life experiences
  • Help a client determine when to attach to dharmic past-life details
  • Facilitate a past-life session by witnessing an in-class regression
  • Aid a client to access the specifics of “the death scene”

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to talk with a guide about attachment and detachment

Module 8: Past Lives Like a Stormy Sea or a Peaceful Pond


As advancing souls, we’ve known embodiment for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. And each life we undergo has an objective.

Like the tides of a calm or a stormy sea, some incarnations are framed with pleasantry, through agreeable relationships, work, and health, including the quality of where and how we live, while others are “prickly,” intended for rapid and intense emotional and spiritual growth. Lives of challenge reflect our behavior — both as the victim and the victimizer.

Our current life details reveal themselves through memory, ours and that of our family members. Yet, without the “big picture” of our string of past lives, it’s impossible to fully comprehend why we must cope with what we’ve “been handed” this time around. For example, we don’t know why we have a father who is alcoholic, or a child with a chronic illness. Through past life regression, we may discover the origins of these challenges. The soul of our father may have also been that of a servant-girl we abused; our child may be have been our child in a past life, in which we left them to be raised by grandparents.

You’ll discover:

  • How to guide a client in the past life regression process
  • Ways to prepare a client for a past life regression, including prepping them with an understanding of why their guide chooses the past life they will explore
  • That past, present, and future lives are not happening at once and why
  • How to help a client access the specifics of the death scene
  • Use intuition to evaluate a past life’s impact on life today

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to talk with a guide about why a particular past life was discovered

Module 9: How to Deepen & Expand a Client’s Past Life Regression Experience


Guiding a client to unveil specific linear and emotional details of a past life, chosen by spiritual guides, is often profound and life-changing. Past life facilitation and therapy requires a skillful combination of precise practices and spiritual awareness.

Supporting and aiding a client in this process — which include the discovery of their karma and dharma is an honor, as well as a serious responsibility. You’ll learn distinct and methodical “implements” for guiding a client through past life revelations to help them evolve their soul in this lifetime.

You’ll discover:

  • How to guide a client to identify past-life people in life today
  • Ways to prepare the client to communicate with their guide daily
  • An understanding of why future lives are affected by today’s life
  • How to help a client client validate past-life information
  • How to teach a client to use intuition to continue discovery of past lives on their own

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to enhance the progress of soul evolution

Module 10: Resolution of Karma & Dharma for You and Your Clients


When we “mend” our soul through reincarnation, the “seam” of our ongoing soul evolution is tightly sewn — through our knowledge, understanding, and release of who we’ve been and what we’ve done. Through consistent balance and healing of what has come before, we evolve as a soul.

This is an experiential and often painful process. As we illuminate the darkness of our past, the pain of our misdeeds, caused by their emergence, is suffered. In other words, during soul regression, when we delve into exactly what happened, and with whom, we can arrive at the place of debriding our soul wound. And it’s only then are we likely to avoid similar behavior in the future.

Though it’s not essential to actually know someone in your life today, who was your victim in a past life, the power of literal, truthful sharing and apology goes a long way to assist you (both) to release past wounds.

You’ll discover:

  • How to guide a client in understanding “mending through reincarnation”
  • Ways to prepare a client to use their awareness of their past lives in everyday life
  • That we are in charge of our own destiny
  • How to create your own past-life regression private practice
  • Action steps to help your own soul evolution, and that of others

Experiential: Guided intuitive experience to help you incarnate today with purposeful intention

The Past Life Regression Training Bonus Collection

In addition to Dr. Backman’s transformative 10-part virtual training, you’ll receive these powerful bonus materials. These bonuses complement the course — and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Salepage : The Past Life Regression Training with Linda Backman

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