The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 – Dan Englander

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $47.00.


The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 – Dan Englander

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $47.00.

The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 – Dan Englander

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The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 – Dan Englander

The Agency Lead Generation Course 2.0 - Dan EnglanderYou built your agency on referrals

and personal networks.

That’s awesome.

It means you’ve done great work historically!

But in the last few years, did your agency hit a ceiling?

Whether you want to:

A. Grow and become the leader in your space

B. Get acquired and cash out big

C. Stay the course and do compelling work

haphazard and reactive sales processes probably won’t cut it.

Maybe you tried to get your act together

and you hit one of the common roadblocks…


The Agency

Lead Generation Course 2.0.

What’s Inside…

Generate meetings using small-batch, personalized outreach via Email, LinkedIn, and phone.

No more overwhelm – use constraints and learn how to craft effective campaigns based on shortlists and tasteful copy, and build relationships with the RIGHT prospects.

Delegate lead generation tasks and get leverage.

No more start-and-stop – get consistent through the right division of duties, even if you’re a solo shop.

Get inspired by dozens of copy examples and case studies from successful agency-to-brand campaigns.

Learn everything we know from over 7,000 campaigns since 2014.

Plug Your Agency into the Right Audiences and Become a Thought Leader.

Craft outreach campaigns to get in front of ideal prospects on podcasts, blogs, and digital panels.

Actionable and Digestible.

Complete all video modules in around four hours and launch campaigns within one week so you can fill your pipeline sooner rather than later.

What’s New in the 2.0 Version.

  •  Resource Checklist One-Sheeter, so you can set up the right systems from the beginning.
  •  Bonus Module: How to Implement Relationship Sales At Scale.
  • Videos re-edited for a smoother overall experience.
  • New introduction from instructor.

Course Curriculum


  • Background and Vision(4:45)PREVIEW
  • Resource Checklist(2:56)START
  • Copy Ideas Library(1:01)START

1. CONCEPTS: The Right Foundation for Predictable Revenue.

  • The Five Prospecting Commandments(12:55)START
  • How to Get Maximum Leverage Through Delegation(7:21)START
  • Flashlight vs. Laser Pointer(6:16)PREVIEW
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Workshop(11:52)START
  • Action Items(0:53)START
  • Section 1 SlidesSTART

2. COPY: How to De-Risk Business Conversations.

  • How to Use Context to Your Advantage.(4:00)START
  • The One Simple Task…(2:16)START
  • Six Guidelines for Effective Outreach Copy(14:52)START
  • Action Items – Craft Your Outreach Template(2:52)START
  • Sec 2 SlidesSTART

3. SYSTEMS: Build Your Agency’s Lead Generation Machine.

  • The Lead Generation Universe – Tools and Automation(3:27)PREVIEW
  • How Inbound and Outbound Interact(7:11)START
  • Building Your Outbound Engine – How to Enrich Data and Launch Your Campaigns(6:55)START
  • Outreach Cadence Samples(9:23)START
  • The Longterm Growth Path(8:25)START
  • Action Items + Q&A(4:55)START
  • Section 3 SlidesSTART

4. OPTIMIZATION: A Case Study in Closed Business.

  • Case Study Intro – Metrics and Benchmarks(9:17)START
  • Campaign Diagnosis – Making Sense of Replies(5:30)START
  • The Hit Campaign Dynamic: Meetings and Closed Business(6:43)START
  • Action Items(0:49)START
  • Section 4 SlidesSTART

4.1. Relationship-Driven New Business At-Scale. (Bonus Section).

  • Intro to Relationship-Driven Prospecting.(2:10)START
  • Using the Historic Client Commonality.(6:33)START
  • Alumni Connections, Geographies, and Lego Blocks.(2:06)START
  • Indirect Connectors and The Hopscotch Approach.(5:56)START

5. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: How to Plug Into the Right Audiences.

  • The Power of Existing Audiences(6:40)START
  • How to Use Targeted Outreach to Secure Dozens of Placements(5:23)START
  • Thought Leadership Q and A(5:06)START
  • Section 5 SlidesSTART

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