Play Pause Breathe – Pranayama practices – Paulina

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $19.00.


Play Pause Breathe – Pranayama practices – Paulina

Original price was: $59.00.Current price is: $19.00.

Play Pause Breathe – Pranayama practices – Paulina Download. PlayPauseBreathe is perfect for yoga practitioners that want to deepen their practice with…


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Only $19 $59 , Get Play Pause Breathe – Pranayama practices – Paulina full Course.

Bring Pranayama into your practice and unleash the power of your breath

PlayPauseBreathe is a videocourse that will teach you in depth traditional Pranayama techniques.

These practices allow you to balance your energies, reduce stress, and boost mindfulness within minutes.

Master Breathing To Elevate Your Life Force

PlayPauseBreathe is the path that will guide towards a deeper connection with your Life Force through traditional Pranayama techniques.


Video Lessons


In-Depth, Guided Pranayama Practices



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Amazing Bonuses

Introduction & Fundamentals

4 Videos

Pranayama Techniques

5 Videos

Cleansing Techniques

3 Videos

Is PlayPauseBreathe For You?

PlayPauseBreathe is perfect for yoga practitioners that want to deepen their practice with pranayama. It is also great for anyone that wants to improve their life by re-learning how to use their breath.

Enhance Your Yoga Practice

Pranayama practices allow you to control the vital life force within. Some practices allow you to channel alertness and focus before practicing yoga. Others take advantage of the calming power of the breath to facilitate cool down.

Live A Better Life

When you leverage the power of the breath, you balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This gives you greater control over your emotions and brings a series of well documented health benefits.

Wanna Take A Look Inside?

Once you purchase the course you will have instant access to a member area where you will be able to consult the lessons whenever and wherever you want.

We decided to structure the course in a way that makes learning easier, faster and longer lasting.

When You Join PlayPauseBreathe,

You’ll Discover…

• How to channel lunar and solar energies — connected to the left and right hemispheres of the brain — and use them to balance your energy levels in whatever way you need.

• How to use pranayama following a physical yoga practice for a boost in calmness and mindfulness.

• The secret to fixing “bad breathing” habits… and training techniques that involve the hands which make improving your normal breathing range easy and fast.

• How to boost energy levels and build heat inside the body to prepare for a physical yoga practice.

• How to bathe every cell of your body in rich oxygen, regulating your immune system and experiencing and releasing endorphins in the process.

• The 3 bodily locks — or “bandhas” — that make it possible to control energy flow inside your body on command.

• Why it’s important to be mindful of your menstrual cycle when using specific breathing practices — and which ones you’ll want to avoid.

• Did you know your hands occupy an enormous amount of “neural” space in your brain? Read about the powerful mudras that use this fact, and enhance inner awareness and focus during pranayama practice.

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