Intuition by Design – Karen Curry Parker

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $57.00.


Intuition by Design – Karen Curry Parker

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $57.00.

Intuition by Design – Karen Curry Parker

Something isn’t quite right. Your outer alarm clock is being echoed by your inner alarm. You know you shouldn’t go to the job interview you have scheduled for this morning, but you scheduled the interview anyway.

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Intuition by Design – Karen Curry Parker

Intuition by Design - Karen Curry Parker

Intuition By Design – Karen Curry Parker

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up dreading the day. Everything feels wrong and you pull the covers over your head and try to ignore your alarm.

Something isn’t quite right. Your outer alarm clock is being echoed by your inner alarm. You know you shouldn’t go to the job interview you have scheduled for this morning, but you scheduled the interview anyway.

“It’s a good job.”

“You should take it. Jobs like this are hard to come by and you’re good at this kind of work.”

“The pay will be amazing…”

These are the sentences you whisper to yourself, but your gut keeps nagging you and telling you to not do it.

How many times do we discount our intuition because our “reasoning” and “logic” take over our decision-making process?

How many times do you “know” something, but you do the opposite anyway, only to beat yourself up about it later?

How many times do we give up what we know is good and right for us, say “no” when we want to say “yes”, say “yes” when we know better…?

You are Designed to Trust Yourself and Your Inner “Knowing”
You have an internal “compass” that facilitates you direct your lifestyles and your lifestyles selections so you recognize what to do and whilst to do it.
This inner “voice” is the whisperings of Life’s Intelligence via us, supporting us live aligned with our proper course and our proper place.
It additionally facilitates us recognize what we want to recognize whilst we want to realize it and the way to live on path and aligned, even if plainly the sector is falling apart.
There are many exclusive and correct methods to recognize something. But, you need to recognize your self and the way you are hardwired to connect to your Inner Wisdom so that you can apprehend your instinct and which will agree with it.

Intuition is sort of a radio. You ought to recognize what frequency you want to be dialed in to to “hear” the records being broadcast to you.

Your Human Design shows you your unique configuration for how you “tune in” to your intuition, your Inner Wisdom and your divine guidance. We are all hardwired differently and we all receive intuitive information on different “channels”.

When you’re tuned into your specific frequency, your RIGHT way of knowing, you feel connected and aligned, you understand how to properly receive and interpret intuitive information.

Knowing how you “know” things and trusting yourself is crucial to being resilient in life.

When you understand your unique way of understanding and how you are hardwired to process information…

• You can make strong, confident decisions for your life.

• You can trust yourself.

• You have the courage to follow what feels right.

• You stop being afraid of the unknown and trust that you’ll know what you need to know when you need to know it.

Understanding your unique intuitive hardwiring also helps you know what is true in a world brimming with too much information, many of it conflicting, confusing and overwhelming.

You need to know what is right and good information and how to sort out the “noise” that bombards us on a daily basis.

During this class you will:

• Learn how to turn your intuition on and trust it
• Learn the specific “channels” of intuition and your preferred intuitive style
• Identify what celestial realm your Soul is vibrationally aligned with and how that influences your Soul’s Life Purpose
• Learn how The Celestial Matrix influences your Human Design chart and your Life Purpose
• Learn how to use your intuition to help others
• Learn how to distinguish between your energy and the energy of others
• Learn how to clear “negative” energies and protect your own energy
• Learn your unique style of meditation
• Learn how to connect with Source in the way that works BEST for YOU
• Learn how to use divination tools, like Tarot/Oracle Cards, as intuitive “training wheels” until you feel comfortable with your new-found skills.
• Learn how to “read” your external environment and translate what is really going on in your world, your consciousness and how to shift your awareness to create what you really want in your life
• Learn brand-new information about the pineal gland (the third-eye), how to tap into the quantum field and “talk” to crossed over Souls and bend time

This isn’t like any other psychic development class you’ve taken.

We’re going to talk about YOU and your specific Human Design and exactly how that influences the way you intuitively “know”.

At a time when the world is brimming with information and data, uncertainty and too much information you need to know how to interpret your Inner Wisdom and how to trust in your own knowingness.

I hope you’ll join me and discover how to find peace in your own inner awareness.

Now more than ever, you need to know that you are never alone, that you can make confident choices and trust that you are doing the right thing at the right time.

From my Heart to Yours,


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