Get Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle – Robert Allen with $69

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $69.00.


Get Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle – Robert Allen with $69

Original price was: $350.00.Current price is: $69.00.

Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle – Robert Allen

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Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle – Robert Allen

Only $69, Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle - Robert Allen

Only $69, Ultimate Freelance Freedom Bundle – Robert Allen


30 Days to $9K

A new challenge, showing you:How to land high-paying clientsWrite converting copyAnd make a living writing online In just 30 days

No fluff, just a simple process that works

Many freelancers struggle to grow their businesses. They say, “getting clients is hard!” and “client work is the worst.” Not me. Over years, my copywriting business has only continued to grow beyond 6 figures. Not because I’m smart. But because of a simple system I developed for getting clients and getting paid.

Course curriculum

Challenge Prep

Laying down the guidelines and how to get the most out of the challenge

  • Welcome to the 30 Days to $9k Challenge!
  • The Mindset of Successful Freelancers
  • [Productivity secrets] How to plan your day for maximum leverage
  • Goal setting: how much money can you make as a freelance writer?
  • Your copywriting crash course
  • How You’ll Get Clients (An Overview)
  • The tools you’ll need as a freelance copywriter
  • 4 Myths That Ruin Would-Be Freelancers (Believe Them At Your Own Risk!)
  • Challenge Prep Quiz! Take This To Make Sure You’re Ready To Move Ahead
Days 1-10
Let’s hit the ground running and fill our pipeline with clients
  • The #1 secret to freelance success (it’s not what you think)
  • How to find the perfect clients
  • [Cheat sheet] 104 leads for your freelance business
  • 9 Most Profitable Niches for Your Business
  • Cold Outreach Training
  • The Magic Email For Booking Calls (Site Audit Video!)
  • What To Look For In A Site Audit
  • [SCRIPT] 4-part copy-paste script you can use to get clients
  • Tapping into your warm market for leads
  • The 50 Message Secret to Your First Client
  • The perfect foot-in-the-door offer
  • Use This Script To Get Clients On FB Fast
  • [EXAMPLE EMAIL] – How to follow up with clients AFTER your call
  • Example Proposal to Send AFTER Your Sales Call (Page 1)
  • Example Proposal to Send AFTER Your Sales Call (Page 2)
  • Sales Training: How to close 4 and 5 figure deals even if you suck at sales and hate talking about yourself

Days 11-25

Once you’ve got a client, here’s how to fulfill the work

  • The Credential-Less Freelancer
  • Why you don’t need perfect copy
  • 3 high-converting email series
  • [Download] The $192,000+ Welcome Series You Can Model
  • [Download] The 10-Part Cart Abandon Sequence That Turns Browsers Into Buyers
  • Advanced Email Tips
  • Even more advanced email tips
  • Cross sell emails: The hidden secret to profits
  • [DOWNLOAD] 2x The Value of Customers with This Cross-Sell Sequence

Days 26-30

How to turn in your work with minimal edits
  • Why You Should Always Beat Deadlines
  • The art & science of a handover call
  • Deliverables Example- How To Send Your Work To Clients.png
  • Turning 1 project into 2
  • Other high paying services you can offer

A “top secret” 346-page document with all the copywriting leads you could ever need

A “top secret” 346-page document with all the copywriting leads you could ever need – Google Docs.pdf (58 MB)

Magnetic Upwork Scripts

– 3 battle-tested Upwork client-getting scripts – A video walkthrough of why the scripts work and how to adapt them to gigs you want to apply for – PLUS, unlimited proposal reviews for two weeks

Get 3 REAL proposal scripts, proven to get clients

Earlier this year, I dropped everything I was doing to put my client-getting skills to the test.

I started over from scratch, pretended to be a TOTAL newbie, and attempted to build a new freelance copywriting business from the ground up.

To build this business, I used and the two most popular methods of getting clients:

1. Cold Email.


2. Upwork.

Yes, I got on Upwork!

And I shared everything I learned the whole time.

The ups & downs.

The pros & cons.

And the actual scripts I used to land clients in real time!

I figured if it was useful to me it might help at least one person following along.

And I shared these things, the most amazing thing started to happen…


At first, it was just a trickle of people that would email me about it…

But as the challenge went on, the flood gates opened up and the results stacked up!

The scripts were INSANELY effective

Everyone who used them seemed to land deals.

And not just $5 or $25 blog posts.


And that’s when I knew I had something.

Because I always say, “the mark of a true system is when you can hand it off to someone else and get the same results or better.”

And that’s exactly what was happening here.

Brand new freelancers were going from struggling to stand out …. to landing their 1st, 2nd or 3rd client in a matter of days.

So I decided to bundle them all into one program with a few added twists…

Get the scripts… ON STEROIDS!

In addition to sending you the exact proposals I sent to land clients during the challenge.

(The same scripts that others have used to land 3, 4 and 5-figures worth of work).

I also wanted to do a video of WHY these scripts work.

As they say, “give a person a fish, feed them for a day. Teach them to fish, feed them for life.”

That’s my approach here.

Use the scripts. Of course!

But also, I want you to see how you can adapt the scripts to any gig and even other environments to get clients.


During the 30 day challenge I did, that’s about how long it took me to really get things rolling and “find my groove” with the outreach.

And I want to give you that same time to find your footing.

By getting personal feedback on your proposals for a full 14 days.

These will be real video reviews (by me) of your proposals before you send them to potential clients.

So that you can dramatically increase your chances of closing deals and get a second set of eyes on every message before you hit send.

Imagine how confident you’ll feel knowing you have put forward the best possible message you can.

Now, this bonus does come with one catch: I will own the video recordings of each proposal review (to be added to the program’s archives).

So just leave out anything you don’t want seen publicly when you send it my way.

But as long as you’re cool with that, you really can’t beat this deal.

Special Report: 30 powerful secrets for growing your freelance business, increasing your rates, campaign ideas and more

30 powerul freelance secrets.pdf

984 KB

The Freelance Copywriting Summit

Join 20+ World-Class Copywriters, Marketers, Agency Owners, and Email Experts As They Share Their Best Kept Secrets For… Attracting Quality Clients Delivering High-Value Services Writing Control-Shattering Copy Commanding Top Fees And More…:

Look inside the event

Day 1

  • Summit Keynote and Kickoff
  • The Flaming Camel “Lite” – everything you need to land $5k/month retainers without actually joining my coaching program and learning my A-lister-endorsed process
  • Get 3-5 High Paying Copywriting Clients Over The Next 30 Days
  • How To Build A Lucrative Email Marketing Agency On The Back Of Low-Ticket Books and Memberships
  • New Service Alert: See How To Design and Build A Webinar For Your Clients With Zero Tech Headaches
  • Creating Your Own Escape Hatch: How To Effectively Work Remotely And Travel
  • How To Get Your Brand Featured In Local, Regional, and National News (And Increase Your Income & Conversions In The Process)
  • How to Charge More (And on Retainer) By Going From Email Copywriter to Email List Manager
  • A Simplified (Free) Version of my $1,500 “Market Detective” Research Framework for Freelance Copywriters
  • Cool Story, Bro: 7 Ways To Nuke Boring Emails With Personality And Humour

Day 2

  • Creating Truly Passive Income with Royalty Deals
  • Your 2021 Email Bible
  • Tips And Tricks To Become a High-Paid, In-Demand Email Copywriter with Lukas Resheske
  • Remove Your Block_ Overcoming The #1 Barrier That Keeps Freelance Copywriters Stuck with John McIntyre
  • How to Get More Clients Than You Need Through a Killer Combination of Digital PR and SEO
  • How to Charge $300-$500 For Ecommerce Emails
  • How To Create Your Own Personal Monopoly
  • The Advertising Loophole: How Copywriters Can Become Great Ad Buyers
  • Building a $1M Marketing Agency
  • How To Make A Full-Time Income Writing Out-Of-The-Ordinary Emails
  • How I win Upwork clients at $999/hr: My 3-part proposal template
  • The Secret To Elevating Your Brand Through Publishing

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