FullFunnel -B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook – Andrei Zinkevich

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $72.00.


FullFunnel -B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook – Andrei Zinkevich

Original price was: $249.00.Current price is: $72.00.

FullFunnel -B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook – Andrei Zinkevich

Stop relying on only your gut feeling or copying others when making strategic decisions, launching new marketing programs, or penetrating new markets, and making the right decisions that will help to grow a business


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FullFunnel -B2B Marketing Strategy Playbook - Andrei ZinkevichHERE IS A BRUTAL TRUTH ABOUT B2B MARKETING:

In the majority of companies, marketing is perceived as a lot of effort for little result. A waste of money. Sales teams don’t believe in marketing because they simply don’t see the marketing impact on sales and revenue.

They think that marketing is all about visiting trade shows and conferences, designing slides, working on branding, and spreading the content on social media — without helping them generate high-quality leads and closing more deals.

As a result, every single team meeting ends with marketers going red-faced when sales and executives ask:

“WHERE are the leads?”

Have you ever been in these shoes?

If yes, you know what’s going to happen next.

You become an order taker getting tasks from sales and executives, and limit marketing campaigns to:

  • Gated e-books to get contacts that are transferred to sales as “leads”
  • Landing pages that promote demo calls without giving an idea of what the product is all about, price, use cases, etc.
  • Writing scripts and setting up automated cadences for SDRs
  • Producing salesy content about product features and publishing company news that delivers 0 value to your market
  • Webinars that are sold as educational events but in reality are pure product pitches

You know how lousy it feels and that this “marketing” is doomed, but you’re blamed for poor performance.

You realize that you are burning out your market, but you can’t stop because this is the only way to not get red-faced during team meetings.

You understand that marketing should be done differently and try to present the ideas, but they get shut down in the process.

And the worst thing is that you start questioning your credibility and ability to deliver.


Since 2013, we (Andrei Zinkevich & Vladimir Blagojevic) have worked with 100+ B2B tech and service-based companies from the United States and Europe that have high ACV (average contract value) and long sales cycles.

We developed a go-to-market strategy framework that was successfully implemented in production automation, fintech, software development, hardware, cybersecurity, healthcare consulting, and many other verticals.

We documented the framework and created an all-action course for B2B marketers and startup founders that contains everything you need to develop an effective marketing strategy to predictably grow your business.

You’ll get a distilled knowledge and a playbook that we’d use if you had hired us.

Here is how your marketing will look like after implementing just a fraction of what you’ll get from the playbook.


Stop relying on only your gut feeling or copying others when making strategic decisions, launching new marketing programs, or penetrating new markets, and making the right decisions that will help to grow a business

Easily identify and focus on the most profitable segments, channels, and campaigns, and eliminate what is unnecessary

Get executives and sales buy-in, then gaining the marketing, sales, and development resources to commit to a specific launch time

Select & double down on the right channels for sustainable growth instead of trying to be everywhere and wasting time and money

Align execs and sales on what success looks like

Develop a marketing dashboard with leading indicators to set up the right expectations for marketing and avoid rash decisions about what works and what doesn’t

Develop a unique value proposition and select the right positioning strategy to stand out from the competition and resonate with customers

Develop a client-centric marketing plan to create awareness, generate & capture the demand, educate and nurture buyers to fill in the pipeline with sales-qualified opportunities

Produce an accurate estimate of budget, team, tools to achieve revenue goals

Ensure a solid ROI of marketing programs on a tighter budget without experimentation and guesswork


Short, actionable training videos without theory and fluff

Videos include a step-by-step process from market segmentation and ideal customer profiling to marketing plan development.

ROI taxes your company is paying right now

Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy Framework

Define a clear goal

How to segment your market and identify the most lucrative market segments

How to develop an Ideal Customer Profile

How to conduct customer interviews

Develop the buying committee

Account segmentation

Differentiation and positioning strategies

How to develop and validate a unique value proposition

Develop a marketing and sales process based on the buyer journey

B2B marketing dashboard

How to identify channels for marketing and prospecting

How to define the growth areas and marketing focus

How to launch new programs with growth sprints

How to develop a full-funnel marketing plan

The B2B marketing strategy toolkit

Get access to all the documents, templates, and swipe materials you need to develop an effective B2B marketing strategy.

Market segmentation template

Ideal Customer Profile template

Account segmentation template

Customer interview questionnaire

Buying journey template

Client-centric marketing & sales process template

Marketing plan template

Unique value proposition formulas and validation questionnaire

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