Freelance MVP Upwork Profile & Proposal Academy – Freelance MVP

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $57.00.


Freelance MVP Upwork Profile & Proposal Academy – Freelance MVP

Original price was: $197.00.Current price is: $57.00.

Freelance MVP Upwork Profile & Proposal Academy – Freelance MVP

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Freelance MVP Upwork Profile & Proposal Academy – Freelance MVP

Do you ever feel like…

Clients aren’t responding to your proposals, and you just can’t figure out why?

You’re wasting your TIME and MONEY endlessly applying to jobs where you’ll never get a response?

Your Upwork profile isn’t as great as it should be, but you don’t know what to do to FIX it?

You won some jobs in the past, but now you can’t CONSISTENTLY get clients and don’t know WHY your success just STOPPED out of nowhere?

You would be more confident raising your hourly rate if you were CONSISTENTLY winning jobs and had a higher JSS with more 5-star reviews?

You just wish you had a guide, to tell you: “OK, here’s what to do to STAND OUT and get more responses from clients!”

You wish you had a REPEATABLE method for generating eye-catching client proposals?

The Upwork Profile & Proposal Academy is the proven system for making your Upwork profile attractive, sending dynamite proposals & increasing your earnings on Upwork!

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

4 CORE Profile & Proposal Academy Modules (30+ Videos)
Tons of Checklists, Cheatsheets & Worksheets

The Upwork Academy isn’t designed to just be consumed—it’s designed to be put into practice. To help you apply the training to your Upwork journey, this four-module course comes with interactive study guides, templates and checklists. For a limited time only, it also a free Upwork profile review where you can get actionable steps to help make your Upwork profile even more effective. The course will provide you with a proven framework for improving your profile, getting more interested Upwork clients, and increasing your Upwork earnings.

What we cover:

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Forget what you think you know about Upwork. Here’s the real deal.



Day 1 – Just get going

Day 2 – Money + What matters for success on Upwork, and what DOESN’T

Day 3 – What makes clients REALLY want to hire YOU?

Day 4 – Nail down what clients REALLY WANT FROM YOU

Day 5 – Niche down, the RIGHT way: What’s your SUPERPOWER?

Your Upwork profile isn’t great. Let’s make it great.

Day 6 – Intro to your Upwork Profile + what’s IMPORTANT

Day 7 – Crack the CODE for Upwork Earnings

Day 8 – Using WHAT WORKS to supercharge your Upwork success

Day 9 – Building the Foundation of a SOLID PROFILE

Day 10 – How to RANK HIGHER on Upwork Search

Day 11 – “What if I don’t have Upwork client REVIEWS yet?”

BONUS: Creating WORK EXAMPLES that make clients say, “WOW – that’s what I want!”

Upwork proposals & cover letters that make clients RESPOND TO YOU!

Day 12 – How to know which are the best Upwork jobs

Day 13 – The RED FLAGS you have to avoid

Day 14 – The easy-to-miss YELLOW FLAGS: When to say NO THANKS… and when it’s actually OK to take the job

Day 15 – $425 / HOUR… My Enormous MISTAKE, and what happens when you accept jobs that you know you SHOULDN’T

Day 16 – How to write COVER LETTERS that win your best clients

Day 17 – Setting up your streamlined daily WORKFLOW

Day 18 – Your daily method to WIN JOBS

Day 19 – Do things DIFFERENTLY to STAND OUT!

Day 20 – Setting yourself up for 5-star reviews EVERY time

Day 21 – Run your Intro calls so clients will hire YOU

Day 22 – What you need to do during EVERY project

Day 23 – “My Upwork client DISAPPEARED!” Here’s what to do…

Day 24 – “My client wants MORE WORK! Should I take it?!” Don’t let SCOPE CREEP destroy you.

BONUS: How to close out projects with a 5-STAR REVIEW – and when you should STOP following up!

Targeted Actions –> More Income

Day 25 – Building your reputation as the BEST

Day 26 – How to raise your rates FAST

Day 27 – These things tell me whether you’ll ACHIEVE LONG-TERM SUCCESS

Day 28 – What to do when you’re on a losing streak – and on a WINNING streak?

Day 29 – Find your MAGIC CLIENT SWEET SPOT: Fun clients, paying the highest rates without headaches

Day 30 – Unlocking Upwork’s most important HIDDEN tool

Day 31 – HIGH VALUE JOBS x HIGH VOLUME: The steps you need to take

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