Financial Coach Academy – Kelsa Dickey

Original price was: $2,997.00.Current price is: $599.00.


Financial Coach Academy – Kelsa Dickey

Original price was: $2,997.00.Current price is: $599.00.

Financial Coach Academy – Kelsa Dickey

By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Mapped out a client journey for your business.
  • Created your sales conversation process.
  • Designed and launched your initial coaching session with clients.
  • Activated a scheduling software.

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Financial Coach Academy – Kelsa Dickey

Financial Coach Academy - Kelsa DickeyFinancial Coach Academy – Kelsa DickeyA Financial Coaching Program That Covers It All

The Financial Coach Academy™ will walk you through step-by-step how to become a coach and efficiently run your business.gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== » BoxSkill Site

After more than a decade of running our financial coaching business and years of running this course, we have identified the five core concepts that every financial coach needs to be a successful coach.
The Academy has assigned each of these concepts a module, and within each module is a series of lessons, videos, handouts, materials and actions to help you work through mastering this concept. Because the course is designed to have you build your business and grow your coaching skills as you work through it, by Module 2, you’ll take on clients.
And by the time you finish all five modules, you’ll have the coaching skills to serve clients confidently and a business that is 100% up and running. Who knows, you might even start to enjoy selling your services. (WARNING: This is a common side effect of completing Module 4.)

Get Training Created By And Specifically For Financial Coaches

Financial coaching is a different kind of business.
You need financial knowledge and numbering crunching abilities people usually only associate with financial advisors.
You need the ability to help people change their behaviors and mindset which are usually traits associated with business or life coaches.
You also need the drive and discipline of any other entrepreneur running a business.
Being a financial coach takes mastering a unique blend of skills and traits.
It’s one of the many reasons we love being financial coaches and think financial coaches are so freaking awesome. 
 That’s why our program doesn’t just focus on financial theories or coaching skills. It covers this trifecta of skills to serve as your foundation.
The Only Financial Coach Training That Provides Specific and Detailed Guidance on All 3 Areas:

What’s Included in the Academy?

All content material is launched as quickly as you buy the course.

Core Modules designed to get you education as quickly as viable through overlaying your mindset, the client’s journey, the way to coach, economic knowledge, promoting and marketing!Lessons designed to stroll you thru every section of launching your education enterprise in step-through-step detail.Monthly stay education calls each 12 months that will help you triumph over any setback or hesitation. Oh, and you may be a part of those requires years and years to come!Downloads, templates, contracts and substances to apply on your enterprise and with customers proper away (see complete listing below)!Bonus Modules for that will help you amplify your services into matters along with on line courses, mastermind, institution applications and more!

Modules, Lessons, and Topics Covered in the Financial Coach Academy

Module 1

Clarity On Who You Are And Who You Serve

Understand your purpose and your Why behind your business. 
Module 1 Lessons
LESSON ONE: Why people will hire you
LESSON TWO: Clarify your vision for the business you are building and what you will call yourself
LESSON THREE: Identifying and refining your ideal client
LESSON FOUR: Your business name, tax, license and legal protections
By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Gained clarity on who you are and who you serve.
  • A clear vision for what kind of business you’re creating.
  • Identified your niche.
  • Learned the challenges your ideal clients are experiencing.
  • Embraced where your desire to become a financial coach comes from.
  • Begun crafting that into a compelling Why story.
  • Picked a business name and chosen a title.
  • A good understanding of some administrative and legal steps you can take for your business right now.
Module 1 Feedback

Module 2

A Client’s First Experience Working With You

Attracting Clients and How Your Initial Coaching Sessions Go

Module 2 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Taking the lead from the first conversation
LESSON TWO: Qualifying a client to confirm coaching readiness
LESSON THREE: Delivering your first session and Wow! the client with clarity and results
LESSON FOUR: Starting to work with your first few clients
By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Mapped out a client journey for your business.
  • Created your sales conversation process.
  • Designed and launched your initial coaching session with clients.
  • Activated a scheduling software.
  • Built a tracking system for leads, prospects, and clients.
  • Announced you’re looking for clients (maybe even had a couple practice clients under your belt as well)

Module 2 Feedback

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Module 3

Building Long-Term Client Relationships Through Amazing Results

Design a client experience they won’t forget – and neither will you!

Module 3 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Step-by-step program development and design
LESSON TWO: Dozens of financial concepts delivered with a coaching spin
LESSON THREE: Boundaries and crucial conversations as a coach and entrepreneur
LESSON FOUR: Systems that support you, free up your time and make coaching your clients easier
By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Designed a coaching program for your business.
  • Created really great content that gets your clients results.
  • Learned effective coaching skills.
  • Explored various financial concepts from a coaching perspective.
  • Adopted the four key roles you’ll play as a coach.
  • Learned the art of asking effective questions.
  • Drafted your Coaching Agreement.
  • Designed and launched an onboarding sequence to lead clients through.
  • Built a tracking system for your clients’ journey through your program.
  • Established important policies to help you establish boundaries and expectations with clients.

Module 3 Feedback

Module 4

Selling Your Coaching With Integrity

Invite clients to start and continue their coaching with confidence

Module 4 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Bridging the gap
LESSON TWO: Mindset of sales
LESSON THREE: Energy of sales
LESSON FOUR: Scripts and objections
By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Identified where your clients are today, where they want to be and how your services help to bridge that gap.
  • Brainstormed ways your coaching program helps clients to solve their current challenges.
  • Reflected on what you appreciate and dislike about sales conversations you’ve experienced.
  • Designed a pre-game sales strategy.
  • Learned the strategy of “teeing up” your coaching.
  • Wrote out pivot statements for your Discovery session.
  • Learned how the energy in your workspace impacts your sales conversations.
  • Explored various objections you may hear and how you’ll respond to them.
  • Identified 10 benefits of your coaching.
  • Outlined how you will wrap up your Discovery session for three scenarios that could occur.

Module 4 Feedback

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Module 5

Marketing Your Coaching 

How to create a brand and a name for yourself so you attract eager clients

Module 5 Lessons

LESSON ONE: Developing referral relationships
LESSON TWO: Rocking your social media
LESSON THREE: Creating a killer website
LESSON FOUR: Designing marketing resources
By the end of this lesson, you will have:
  • Established goals for your referral marketing and social media marketing.
  • Learned strategies for identifying and establishing referral relationships.
  • Identified who’s in front of your ideal clients on a regular basis already.
  • Brainstormed ways your coaching program helps their clients to solve their current challenges.
  • Designed a reach-out strategy for connecting with referral partners (templates provided!).
  • Designed a follow-up strategy after a one-to-one with a referral partner.
  • Launched a social media strategy for your financial coaching business.
  • Outlined a social media content calendar that matches your goals and builds trust with prospects.
  • Learned about the key components of your website.
  • Wrote out the copy for your website.
  • Explored various commercials and taglines you can use to gain the most from the networking meetings you attend.

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