Eric Thompson – Golden Proportion Silent Video

Original price was: $77.00.Current price is: $21.60.


Eric Thompson – Golden Proportion Silent Video

Original price was: $77.00.Current price is: $21.60.

To be clear, this energy does NOT actually reduce the amount of radiation produced by electronic devices. It DOES, however, transmute the NATURE of that radiation on the quantum level, such that it is no longer harmful to living systems.


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Eric Thompson - Golden Proportion Silent Video

Eric Thompson – Golden Proportion Silent Video

Golden Proportion is a “set it and forget it” Subtle Energy App that works silently and allows you to use your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet to create a healing sanctuary wherever you are.

(And although it works silently, the program also comes with soothing nature audios for your listening pleasure as well.)

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Some of the known benefits include:

~ Create a healing sanctuary wherever you are.

~ Feel more centered and calm.

~ Help protect against harmful effects of environmental stresses, such as electro-smog and geopathic zones.

~ Reduce symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity disorders.

~ Energetically balance any environment.

~ Experience long-term benefits in overall health and well-being.

~ Sleep more soundly.

~ Enhance meditation.

~ Experience deep relaxation.


The Golden Proportion Energy Signatures

This is the energetic signature that accompanies sacred power spots in nature.

It was originally discovered by Dr. Ibrahim Karim, who has done a great deal of work to study it and educate the public about its benefits.

This product reproduces a centering quality, which is defined by Dr. Karim, founder of Biogeometry, as “BG3” and is in resonance with the three energy qualities of:

  • Higher Harmonic of Gold
  • Higher Harmonic of Ultraviolet
  • Horizontal Negative Green

To be clear, we are using our own proprietary methods to produce and encode this energetic signature in this program, and we are not associated with Dr. Karim or the BioGeometry organization.

(To learn more about BioGeometry and Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s work, please visit or see his book, .Back to the Future for Mankind: BioGeometry.)

This centering quality balances living systems and helps neutralize the detrimental effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

To be clear, this energy does NOT actually reduce the amount of radiation produced by electronic devices. It DOES, however, transmute the NATURE of that radiation on the quantum level, such that it is no longer harmful to living systems.

Golden Proportion also works well for correcting geopathic zones.

What is Subtle Energy?

Science tells us that we live in a virtual sea of invisible fields of influence, which impact our daily lives in profound ways, yet we typically have little or no conscious awareness of them. In Science, these phenomena include…

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Earth’s Geomagnetic Field

The activity of the Earth’s geomagnetic field, which has been shown to be correlated with various emotional and psychological states in human beings.

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Electromagnetism initiates the attraction of positively charged protons to negatively charged electrons in human cells.

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Nuclear Force

The strong nuclear force, which is more powerful than electromagnetism and therefore holds positively charged protons together within the atomic nucleus.

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Biophoton Field

The biophoton field in plants and animals, which is believed to be the chief means of communication between DNA molecules across the entire body of a plant, animal or human.

These and other forces play crucial roles in our lives. And if it weren’t for science informing us of their influence, most of us would remain entirely unaware of their existence. The same can be said of “subtle” energies.

The emerging science of subtle energy reveals the existence of energies that exist beyond the four known forces of conventional science (the strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity). These energies are faster than light and typically unable to be measured using electromagnetic instruments; hence the term “subtle energy”.

What is an Energetic Signature?


In his book, The Basic Code of the Universe, Dr. Massimo Citro speaks of a basic governing “code,” made up of “the ensemble of information that allows bodies to exist, the blueprint of the construction.” This code can be thought of as having both an informational component and an energetic component, the former informing a particular substance how to “be” itself, and the latter providing the subtle vehicle for the flow of that information. It is this basic governing code that we refer to as the “energetic signature” of a substance.

Every substance has an innate energetic signature, an informational component that quite literally informs it and enables it to be what it is. The founder of Subtle Energy Sciences, Eric W Thompson, has developed methods and processes for digitally capturing such energetic signatures and encoding them into digital media in such a way that allows such digital media to broadcast these energetic signatures and thereby promote their benefits without actually having to ingest the substances themselves.

How It Works

This is our proprietary 3-step process to encode Subtle Energy Signatures into digital media:

Extract with Proprietary Software

First, we capture and extract the energetic signature (of a substance, intention or shape) digitally using a combination of quantum energy techniques derived from the study of sacred geometry, shape power, homeopathy, radiesthesia, radionics, energy healing and quantum physics.

Amplify with Scientific Process

This is all done using a very scientific and replicable process. Once we’ve captured the initial energetic signature digitally, we amplify that original extracted digital signal billions and billions of times in a balanced way.

Encode with Embedded Signature

The final step is to encode the amplified energy signature into digital media (including audio, video, and image files) in such a way that when the digital media file is opened on a computer, tablet or phone, it will emit the energy of that signature through the electronic device.

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