Elizabeth McKenzie – Copy Boss

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Elizabeth McKenzie – Copy Boss

Original price was: $497.00.Current price is: $67.50.

Your copy could be the sneaky assassin that’ll infiltrate every area of your business, killing your sales silently. Or it could be your best business asset.


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Elizabeth McKenzie – Copy Boss

Elizabeth McKenzie - Copy Boss


Everyone’s bragging about sales, clicks, conversions and you’re over here screaming into an internet black hole.
Hello – is anyone reading?!
What am I, invisible?
Exhausted with the amount of time and energy you put into marketing everyday and not a single sale to show for it?
Think you’ve got a community of crickets instead of actual people following you?
Annoyed that after spending all your money building your list, nothing’s happening?
No one writes back to you.
No one takes action.
No one is buying from you.
Before you declare your business to be over, here’s what you need to know:
Copy. Is. Everything.
It starts with your message.
And it finishes with HOW you say it, and the words you USE.
It’s time to write the kind of copy that sends your audience into a buying frenzy.
And you don’t need a masters degree in writing.
Or a single creative bone in your body.
Because writing for selling isn’t for tortured artists. Or wordsmiths. Or geniuses.
It’s a learnable skill.
And it’s a skill you must learn if you’re going to run a crazy successful business.
Because there are two ways your writing can go down:
1. You bore your readers to death who quickly try and save themselves by unsubscribing from your business and avoiding you like the plague.
2. You delight your readers with every word they read, creating obsession-worthy words where they can’t wait to open your emails, soak up your sentences, and pay you.
When you learn how to write simply persuasive + compelling copy, here’s what happens:
// Your lead magnet and free gift gets click throughs that cost you less.
// Your email open rates are the best in the business.
// Your sales page turns browsers to buyers in the blink of an eye.
// Your community members turn into your clients every single time they read your posts.
// Your Facebook post engagement increases in a world where algorithm’s are out to get you.
// Your ad copy brings all the warm leads to the yard, and they’re like: OMG I want what she’s selling.
It’s exactly what happened to my client, Ashleigh.
Ashleigh came to me with an email welcome series that wasn’t getting any sales, I knew we needed to look at what she was saying and how she was saying it.
People were joining her list.
Her ads were working.
But once people had joined her list, they weren’t doing anything.
No one was buying!
Before Ashleigh started planning the funeral for her business, here’s what I told her:
You list isn’t dead, but your copy is trying to assassinate them.
We took Ashleigh’s core message and put it through Copy Boss. Ashleigh learnt how to write her emails in a clear compelling + persuasive way.
The result? Ashleigh went on to sell $28,400 worth of coaching packages in the 2 months since we implemented it.
Ashleigh isn’t alone.
Every single successful entrepreneur has mastered the skill of copywriting, including myself.
Writing persuasive copy helped me crack 6 figures in 6 months straight out the gates without knowing famous entrepreneur friends, attending networking events or working with the most expensive mentors.
I did it all with my words.
Writing great copy has allowed to me to consistently run Facebook Ads that are cheaper than the industry average, meaning I’m getting instant return on investment.
Writing persuasive copy has given me the reach to change the lives of thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs.
Writing compelling copy has given me the creativity to show up and convert community members to clients on a daily basis.
Writing clear copy has allowed me to express myself. My truth. My message. My soul’s work. And I get paid to do it.
Here’s your truth:
You’re an expert.
A truth teller.

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You’ve got a message to change the world.
The blood, sweat, tears + trials you’ve been through have given you an edge.
You’re more than enough to get paid for your gifts.
But when your ability to communicate falls flat chested, so does your business.
The reason you’re not making the level of impact you desire isn’t because you’re not worthy.
It’s because you haven’t communicated why you’re the worthy choice.
The reason you’re not making the level of income isn’t because you’re not enough.
It’s because you don’t know how to communicate in a way that shows people you are.
Don’t let bad copy kill your business.
Your copy could be the sneaky assassin that’ll infiltrate every area of your business, killing your sales silently.
Or it could be your best business asset.
Double Your Monthly Income.
10 x Your Bottom Line.
$25,000 In 2 Months.
$10,000 Cash Injection.
$40,000 Monthly Sales.
150 Monthly Members + Counting.
20 New Clinic Clients A Week.
Your Articles Featured In Prominent Online Magazines.
Double Your Website Traffic.
All from your words.
It’s possible.
Ashleigh, Hollie, Rachele, Katherine, Nicole, Hafsa + Kelly did it.
Are You Next?
Copy Boss
Write Clear Compelling + Persuasive Copy That Increases Your Sales Every Time.

Copy Boss is a digital program for entrepreneurs who want to sell out their services, launches, products + offerings every single time, without breaking a sweat or sounding like a sleazeball.

// Streaming + downloadable videos
// MP3s + Cliffnotes
// Worksheets
// Copy templates
// Your own learning hub
// Bonus resources and tools

“I’ve had the confidence to close between $40 – 50K in sales this last month off the back of this training which is huge. Including my first pre-paid consulting client, so I’m over the moon.

— Katherine, Boutique South America

“I clarified my message and found my people. I’m writing better emails that actually get replies. My website sells because people want to keep reading. My Facebook ads actually work, so no more spending a bucket load of money for nothing.

This isn’t just a copywriting course. Elizabeth will help you find your message, your people and your voice. This course will help you overhaul your business for the better.

— Tara Fitness, The Healthy Parent Project

The Curriculum
What you’re going to learn in each module.
If you want people to pay you, you’re going to need to to have a solid message, movement + opinion as your foundation. In this module you’ll:
>> Discover the key framework for developing true confidence to show up and share you work with the world.
>> Unlock the easiest way to kill competition and never drown in the sea of sameness
>> Find your voice and leverage it to become the worthy choice, making you the go-to person in your industry.
>> Learn how to grow you impact with a message that moves the masses into action and into a buying state of mind.
>> Understand the exact language you must use to speak to your clients so they say HELL YES.

Module 1: The Balls, Brains + Basics
Your email, your blog post, your sales page + your FB ad all have the same goal: to convert. But how you get that sale depends on the technique you use to write it. In this module you’ll:

>> Master the art of crafting high converting offers
>> Build instant trust and rapport using storytelling to convert browsers into loyal buyers
>> Learn how to write emotional copy
>> Discover your expert opinion that express it in a way that sets you up as the authority in your industry.
>> Create persuasive outcome focussed copy that is everything your clients have ever dreamed of and more.
Module 2:The Copy Skills
The tricks of the trade. The secret of the ooze. I’m giving them to you in this module.  In this module you’ll:
>> Get the 9 copy cures that’ll transform any piece of copy you’ve already written without starting from scratch.
>> Discover the framework for writing and editing so you can produce high quality copy every single time.
>> Leverage your own brand story into your clients story and watch them swoon over your sales page until they buy.
>> Transform your subject lines and headlines into attention grabbing copy that hooks your readers in and gets them all the way to the buy now button.
>> Use my sleaze-proof selling formula that shows you how to consistently make offers that sell.
>> Get the simple one minute edits to transform your copy from boring to brilliant.
Module 3: The Copy Cures
Each and every word carries a certain wattage. Every word you choose matters. Emails, website, blogs + articles, advertising, funnels, social media and more. In this module you’ll
>> Get my failproof check list to writing your entire email welcome and nurture series that’ll convert your brand new community members to clients, without waiting months to build rapport.
>> Use my Sales Page Checklist and make sure you’re hitting all the right spots to get your HELL YES happening every single time.
>> Learn how to communicate your core message on your home page.
>> Master writing about yourself with my Eyes On You About Page template.
>> Craft Facebook Ads that have the best conversions in the industry.
>> Get the 5 must have articles on your website that ooze authority.
>> Learn to leverage your copy with every launch using my Launch Messages model.
Module 4: The Copy Places

“The course felt like an absolute game changer for me. It gave me a direct line to accessing my opinion and more confidence to share it. This is a must-do course for any femme-boss! I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from my social media posts, and people booking tickets for my events solely from these posts.

— Tamara, Wolf Sister
We do things differently at Copy Boss.
We don’t focus on the latest internet marketing fads. We get to the root of what makes you special in your unique business and communicate it in a way that’s authentic, genuine, and totally exciting for you.

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