Casanova course bonuses – Jim Knippenberg

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Casanova course bonuses – Jim Knippenberg

Original price was: $397.00.Current price is: $69.00.

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Dear Friend,

Do you think you’re too fat or ugly (or bald or skinny or too old) to get dates with hot, beautiful women?

I used to think the same thing too. Let me tell you how I was able to start meeting scorching hot women after a life of frustration and failure and woman after woman telling me the same thing: “Geez, you’re a really cool guy. I wouldn’t want to ruin our ‘friendship’ by dating you.”

My name is Jeffrey Nelson, and one night, while I was sitting at home feeling sorry for myself for being home alone while all my friends were out on dates, (Hell, I got SICK of going along with them! All it did was remind me of how pathetic my own life was, and I felt like they only asked me to tag along because they felt sorry for me!) I was hungry and remembered a coupon I got in the mail for a free pizza at some place I’d never been to before…

Trip To Local Pizza Joint
Forever Changed How I Feel About
Meeting Women…

So I got in my little pickup truck and almost lost my pizza coupon in all the clutter on the front seat. It had been so long since I’d had a date, I had stopped cleaning out the passenger’s side of the truck MONTHS ago.

I finally found the place, grabbed my coupon, and went inside.

I about fell over when I saw the hot waitress there. I figured “Cool! At least she’s gonna HAVE to talk with me, because that’s what she gets paid to do!”

Boy was I wrong!

Because just about the time I sat down to look at the menu, some fat guy walked in and sat down.

Fat Pizza Addict GETS
Undivided Attention Of

My jaw must have hit the floor as that drop – dead gorgeous waitress stopped at his table and started flirting with him.

And it wasn’t just a one time thing! She stopped and flirted with him EVERY time she passed his table!

What’s worse is he was even cocky about it! He actually had the balls to tell her he was trying to see if he could make her stop and smile every time she went by his table.

Sure, she took everyone else’s orders, but after that, it was like none of us existed, and he was the only guy in her world at the time!

And here I’m an average looking guy, and fairly nice, too, and some lard – assed pizza junkie is getting all the attention…

My blood started to boil!

I didn’t have the balls to tell a hot babe I was pissed at her for giving me lousy service, so the next time she left the room, I looked over at the fat pizza guy and said, “Hey, bub! What’s the idea taking all her time up? The rest of us would like some service here too!”

He just looked at me kinda funny and then started to laugh. Then he introduced himself as “Jimmy” and said the only reason he was getting so much attention from her is because he did some simple energy drills before he went in there.

I was about to call him on bullshit when he had the balls to tell me my heart energies that naturally attract women and help you seduce them were all fouled up.

Then he PROVED it to me with energy testing.

Jimmy “the pizza guy” told me as long as those energies were screwed up, I’d never attract women no matter how hard I tried.

I’d blown THOUSANDS OF BUCKS on seduction products, and I’d heard those dating gurus talk about energy before, but none of those experts I’d forked over my hard – earned cash to had told me ANY of what Jimmy the pizza guy had just shared with me!

I literally BEGGED him to share even more of his secrets with me!

So after I picked up his tab for the pizza, he agreed to tell me just some of what he had learned about the energies of attraction, psychic influence, and how to get inside a woman’s subconscious mind so she’s naturally attracted to you AND thinks it was all her own idea!

Meeting Jimmy “The Pizza Guy” was
the best thing that ever happened to me!!!
He literally showed me how to
become a Casanova almost overnight!!!

I started talking with chicks at WalMart and was SHOCKED when they stood there and were actually interested in talking with me!

I was getting ignored at a Taco Bell, so while the cashier was turned the other way, I quickly did a couple of the drills that Jimmy taught me, and when she turned back around, the same chick who had acted like it was a chore to take my order started to GLOW, as she looked at me and said, “Can I get you anything else, darling?”

So I decided to try it out on some tougher targets — I went to the strip club.

I decided to stack the deck in my favor, so I did the drills Jimmy taught me ahead of time before going in there. The secrets work so well

Guy At Strip Club Gets PISSED OFF Because
All The Dancers Are Hanging Out With Me!!!

I’m sittin’ there in the club, and all of a sudden, one of the dancers asks ME to shoot pool with her. It’s like a buck a game, so she’s losing money by playing pool instead of dancing.

And as we’re playing pool and laughing, one of the other chicks at the bar starts talking with me too!

Next thing I know, the guy who had been BUYING ALL THEIR DRINKS FOR THEM, while they were talking with me gets PISSED because all the ladies are giving ME their undivided attention!

I was always the guy who got jealous over someone else walking away with “my” woman. Man did it feel good knowing the shoe was on the other foot for a change!

Beautiful women all around me, and OTHER GUYS ARE JEALOUS OF ME?!?! I swear, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven!

But WAIT! It gets even better!!!

Jimmy the pizza guy shows me how to do

So I picked a restaurant I really like (Jimmy promised to castrate me if I did this stuff at the pizza joints he hangs out at), and I started doing the remote influencing techniques the way that Jimmy taught me to do them.

The strangest thing started to happen!

Whenever I’d go there after doing the drills Jimmy gave me to do, the waitresses would be extra friendly with me and sit down at my table to talk with me — even when the place was packed!

But if I didn’t do the drills ahead of time, I got ignored, even on a slow night. I told Jimmy about it, and he said, “Duh! Why didn’t you just go in the bathroom and do the drills real quick and then go sit back down at your table!” so next time out I tried it, and


And life just keeps getting better and better! I’m 36 years old, and these HOT women who are younger than I am — sometimes 18, 19, and 20 years old — just seem to ADORE me!

And yesterday I saw one of those hotties while I was out shopping. She actually got EXCITED to see me! And then she told me when she was going to be working again and MADE me promise to go see her!!!

Look, that’s just a small drop in the bucket — for instance, the other day I was eating dinner somewhere else, and one of the customers who looked like she was in her mid – thirties, and very nice looking, started talking to me, even though I was sitting at the table reading. I couldn’t believe it! A total stranger started a conversation and was flirting with me!

None of this stuff would have ever happened to me before I met Jimmy the pizza guy!

At first I wanted to keep all this a secret so no one else would know, and then I remembered what it felt like that night I was sitting at home alone, while all my friends were out on dates. So…

I Called Jimmy Up And Told Him He’s GOT To
Tell Others About These Awesome Secrets!!!

Boy was I SHOCKED when I found out what he did…

Jimmy Got Out His Camcorder, Hit The Record Button, And LITERALLY SPILLED THE BEANS!!!!

He just grinned at me when I went to see him, and handed me a package with SEVEN DVD’s and an Audio CD….

He told me to go home, take the phone off the hook, and get ready to have some fun!

I about fell over when I watched those DVD’s and saw all he covers in that package!

Here’s just a taste of what’s in there:


The first part of the DVD set goes over how to overcome your subconscious fears about meeting women. Let’s face it, if you don’t overcome the obstacles inside your own mind that keep you from connecting with women, then all the other seduction techniques and know – how in the world won’t do you any good.

But if you take care of the stuff on the INSIDE FIRST, you’ll be able to attract women like a Casanova! I sure wish I had THIS course before I spent thousands of bucks on other people’s seduction stuff. I guess the money I spent on their stuff isn’t wasted money, it just makes me appreciate what I learned from Jimmy even more!

And NOW that I learned these secrets from Jimmy, all the other seduction stuff I paid to learn works much better than it did before!!!

Secrets like:

  • Simple Calibration drill to measure your improvement in just ONE EVENING!
  • How some guys accidentally curse themselves to “just be friends” with the girl of their dreams
  • Are you depressed over your current predicament with women? Simple step propels you into action
  • Have you tried making deals with God and any other “power” out there, and it seems God hasn’t done shit for you? Here’s why…
  • Secrets of “Instant Stupid” that shut off all the energies necessary for romance and also decrease your intelligence and immune system by 50%
  • Think you’re too fat, short, bald, skinny, or anything else to get a date? Here’s why you’ve been lied to!
  • How your past programming has been getting in the way of romance with women, and how YOU can easily fix it!
  • 10 ways to overcome fear of meeting women
  • How the so – called psychic shields most “seduction gurus” tell you to erect actually separates you from women, and what to do INSTEAD
  • 1 minute energy drill that REPROGRAMS your mind for SUCCESS WITH WOMEN!!!
  • 10 ways to activate the natural “liking” energies that cause her to be irresistibly attracted to you
  • One of the Moist important energies for attraction — get this one wrong, and you’ll be a shit magnet instead
  • It doesn’t matter how good the sex is IF she’s a bitch to live with! Here’s how to attract QUALITY women into your life!
  • How jealous will poison your game, no matter what else you try to do to attract her!
  • Go from FEAR of meeting women to being ALIVE WITH PLEASURE every time you’re around women
  • How to turn boredom into DROOLING LUST!
  • Go from being ignored to having her undivided attention in about 5 seconds!!!
  • Secret to activate your energy field that many “New Age” books get wrong because the authors don’t know what they’re talking about
  • The Power of COMPULSIONS, and how you can use them to get what you want!
  • The CORRECT way to turn on the “horny energies of attraction” that bypass her conscious mind and take on a mind of their own!
  • How to turn “failure” into success with women
  • Collapse old anchors that have kept you from connecting with women
  • The one resource YOU already have that will allow you to work miracles in your own life
  • What causes you to have fear meeting and talking with women, and how you can easily fix it!
  • REPROGRAM your energy field so you are relaxed, calm, and cool while you talk with women
  • Covert way to cancel out a woman’s negative feelings toward you
  • How to tell when a woman is LYING to you — covert signals she doesn’t know she’s constantly giving away
  • How to know how a woman feels about you ahead of time! — How easy can it be to meet a woman who ALREADY likes you!!!
  • A natural posture that “accidentally” activates your radiant energies while telepathically influencing her to do what you desire!
  • How to clear the gunk out of your energy field that woman sense on a subconscious level and has been keeping you from what you desire!
  • Ever forget what to say around women? Here’s how to put your game on autopilot so you can have fun with her instead of trying to remember lines!
  • Why self – promoting psychic influence “gurus” who tell you to just grope her psychically don’t know squat, and what to do instead to SKYROCKET your success with women!
  • Language pattern to get more blow jobs and cause her to ENJOY every moment of it!!!
  • The real cause of hesitation when you want to meet a woman and how to reprogram your mind so you get more pleasure every time you talk with women!
  • An amazingly simple and EFFECTIVE way to do affirmations that really work!
  • How to know from the get – go if she’s good for you or not, so you can avoid the ones who are going to be a waste of time!
  • Secret pressure point lets you project your energy field and intent through her so she’s more likely to do what you want!
  • Language pattern you can use with personal ad responses and in emails to prime her pump to like you before you even meet!

Look, if you’ve ever had a woman rip your heart out, thrown it on the ground, and then STOMP on it, then you need these DVD’s!

If you’ve ever made the unlucky mistake of accidentally going out with a wacko because you were glad to get some attention and some affection from a woman, then you need these DVD’s!

If you just learn how to avoid the psycho bitches who are going to waste your time, then you’ll get MORE than your money’s worth from this course!



Jimmy recorded a BONUS DVD on how to do Psychic Influence in person or at a distance!

I know if you’re like me, many of you are going to want the entire course just to GET THIS BONUS DVD!!!

Here’s just some of the goodies on this BONUS DVD:

  • Necessary Step for Intelligent Remote Influence!
  • How to get an unfair advantage over the “Average Joe” out there who wants to meet women
  • Simple lessons from a tree leaf that teaches you about psychic connections so you can use remote influence with women
  • How to use “Bait” to covertly infiltrate her energy field even when you’re not around!
  • How many people screw themselves up while trying to do Remote Influence and how to PROTECT YOURSELF instead!
  • Trigger THIS first, and her lust for you will get activated “accidentally”
  • How to do covert placement of thoughtforms that bypass her conscious mind to make her more attracted to you
  • How to PROJECT your energy field to her bedroom, while she sleeps, and her conscious defenses are out of the way!
  • How to HIJACK her energy field so you can REPROGRAM the way she feels about you!!!
  • How to get answers from her subconscious mind, even if she’s 1000 miles away!
  • How to use remote hypnosis to plant your suggestions deep inside her subconscious mind!
  • How to draw virtually anyone you desire to you
  • When NOT to influence her, and how to know the difference!
  • Is she TRULY happy with her boyfriend? Here’s how to find out BEFORE you go talk with her!
  • How to program simple and inexpensive gifts so she has obsessive thoughts about you!

WAIT! There’s Still MORE!

Jimmy also recorded an audio CD for you that is over 66 minutes full of MENTAL REHEARSAL EXERCISES to turn you into the kind of person who actually LOOKS FORWARD to meeting women!

If you’ve been hurt in the past and are still stuck on the one who “did you wrong,” and you think you “need” her to be fulfilled in life, Jimmy will show you how to fix that too!

It’s so simple, you just have to press the play button and sit there and follow the instructions!

The DVD’s and Audio CD are recorded at Jimmy’s home, with a Sony Camcorder and a microphone hooked up to his computer. He got in front of the camcorder and started talking, just as if you were there with him, doing a one – on – one private consultation.

None of your friends have to know you bought a course on how to overcome your fear of meeting women.

After you practice the exercises in this course, you can just sit back and grin when they BEG you to share with them how you’ve all of a sudden started to have more luck with women!

These are not Walt Disney productions. These are not studio quality audio and video, but they are some of the best knowledge on the planet. Knowledge that will change your life if you just follow the simple instructions.

I couldn’t believe all the information Jimmy packed into this package!

And then he added yet another bonus!

A couple of years ago, Jimmy taught a class to a couple of his friends on how to motivate yourself to get where you want to go in life — whether it’s with romance or your job or whatever area of life you want to improve now.

It goes through the clarity model and how to find what’s important TO YOU!

Did you know that most people spend more time planning to buy a car than they do planning the person they will spend the rest of their life with!

That’s just AMAZING! I mean, heck, even if you just want a good “friend with benefits” for now, and aren’t even thinking about long – term relationships, you NEED this course! Would you pick a job or a place to live without doing some research and planning and future pacing? Yet you would go to bed with someone without even stopping once to think if the person is actually good for you or not?

Did you ever wake up in the morning next to someone you COULDN’T STAND to be around?

I have, and it sucks!

Well, you can learn how to avoid that forever and STILL attract quality lovers into your life!

Anyways, the bonus class has the first 10 – 15 minutes cut out where Jimmy did an “awareness outline” from one of Dr. La Tourrette’s videos (Jimmy had Doc’s permission to teach it). That part is cut out of the video, but you get about 1 hour and 20 minutes of that class Jimmy did for his two friends. So it’s HIGHLY personal. It’s almost like the class was meant just for you!

By the way, one of the guys in that video went on to find a better job, while Jimmy and the other friend in that video went on to leave the jobs they hated and become self – employed!

What matters most, though, is you’re getting a TOTAL of SEVEN DVD’s and an audio CD all chock – full of information that will help you improve your results with women!

So, you’re asking what’s all this gonna cost you…

Problem With Printer Gives You INSTANT $200 Savings!!!

Jimmy was planning on selling this package on How To Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting Women In One Evening, And Start To Become A Casanova Instead — 4 DVD’s, plus the DVD on Forgotten Love Spells Of Ancient Hawaii, and the audio CD on how to reprogram your subconscious mind for success with women, along with the 2 DVD bonus course on Success Secrets For Taking Control Of Your Own Life for $597 plus shipping and handling.

He was so excited that he started printing CD’s on his new Epson Stylus printer and had printed off 17 Sets before he realized he had screwed up the labels.

He was so pissed that he wanted to throw them all away and start over, but I twisted his arm and convinced him that since he already went to the time and effort to print them up, he might as well offer them to you at a huge discount instead.

So here’s what he agreed to do: He’s got 17 of these sets left, and it’s first come, first served. Whoever wants one of these 17 sets for a WHOPPING SAVINGS OF $200 OFF, can get them for just $397 plus shipping and handling.

Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and at this price, they’re not gonna last long!

Jimmy’s customers and those who have been reading his posts for the last 6 1/2 years know he only gives real good information. He gives some of the best information on the planet on the topics he’s trained in, and he presents it in a way that is interesting yet easy to understand.

In fact, Jimmy just recently EARNED his trainer’s certificate in Kahuna ESP Mind Secrets from John M. La Tourrette on June 26, 2006.

“Doc” La Tourrette is world – famous for his outstanding presentation skills and knowledge, and he has invited Jim to present at his own seminars in front of his own clients two times in less than a year (October 2005, and June 2006).

Anyway, what’s important is that there are 17 of these sets available at a savings of $200 bucks. And once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Here in a nutshell, is what you’re getting when you order right now:

  • 4 DVD Course On “Overcome Your Fear Of Meeting Women In One Evening, And Start To Become A Casanova Instead!”
  • Bonus DVD Course on “Forgotten Love Spells of Ancient Hawaii”
  • Audio CD with over 1 hour and 6 minutes on mental exercises to reprogram your mind for success with women!
  • BONUS CLASS with 2 DVD’s on Success Secrets For Taking Control Of Your Own Life

This course will work for men or women, to reprogram your energy field and your subconscious mind for romance. Jimmy’s a guy, so he designed the course for guys. Women can also easily benefit from the course if they just do the drills.

Hey, if you’re a prude and don’t like an occasional “swear word,” then don’t get these DVD’s.

If you’re just going to use these DVD’s to try to force others to do your will without stopping to consider the other person’s feelings, then don’t buy these DVD’s, because we don’t want the wrong people learning to use these powerful secrets.

But if you’re someone like me who just wants to learn how to connect with people and get better results with women and actually get to ENJOY being with them instead of getting ignored all the time, then you owe it to yourself to order your set right now, and take advantage of this limited offer for a massive $200 savings!

To order your own set right now, click the “Buy Now” button at the bottom of this page.

By ordering, you agree that this course is for your own private, personal use only and that you will not resell or redistribute this course in any way.

To order your own set right now, click the “Buy Now” button next to your country. If you’re not in the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, or Italy, write and tell us your city, country, and postal code so we can hold your course for you and get you a shipping and handling quote.

Remember, at this huge savings, these 17 courses are gonna sell out fast! So make sure you get your’s now while you still can!

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