100% Clear – Home Study (5 Hours) – Julie Renee

Original price was: $375.00.Current price is: $109.00.


100% Clear – Home Study (5 Hours) – Julie Renee

Original price was: $375.00.Current price is: $109.00.

100% Clear – Home Study (5 Hours) – Julie Renee Download. 2019 Clearings chart has taken on a whole new flavor as column 2 is defined, understood for wh…


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Perfectly Clear
6 Areas of Blockages

Preventing full self-expression, great health, wealth and joy

6 Powerful Activation Hours to Fully Clear

Using the very best in energetic technologies & our most advanced quantum tools

2019 Clearings chart has taken on a whole new flavor as column 2 is defined, understood for what each item is how it got there and finally how to clear.

I’ve been passionately mapping the entire charting system with a thorough overview of each and every item this year with a strong intention to disappear the negative impact of each of the listed items both from you and your divine human blueprint and anything you have put in another’s space because we know there’s a direct impact from residue and energies you put in another’s space on how well you clear and regenerate.

Although this is a 6-hour process and of course we will be focusing in on clearing I do promise an enjoyable learning/clearing experience as we progress through the details and clearings. We’ll primarily be clearing during this program so be prepared to pump the entire training. Know that some of these issues will have many hours associated with them to fulfill complete clearing, hours you can, if you choose do independently as well. I will do my best to take the bulk of clearing time down with blasting, rest assured you will be light years ahead as you move through this 6-hour clearing!

We’ll be looking into the categories that fall under the 2nd column and clearing them in with incredible focus and tenacity this year, 2020.

2020 Focus
6 hours of marathon training


Items in this category may have you feeling undeserving, feeble and adrift. We’ll be clearing the punch of these 15+ items as we create more ease in your nervous system and a deeper level of inner peace. I have a great deal of confidence this is sure to yield some tremendous shifts for many especially with clearing the misinformation feed.

Additional items in the labels category set for clearing are: Shock, Spiral Bloodline, Miasm, Atheist Thought form, Adrift, Black Magic, Feebleness, Isolation, Misinformation, Feed, Compulsion, Blame, Match, Collapse


Areas we clear in this section are related mostly to your historic past, but may also include your past lives, bloodline heritage and even future timeline events influencing your present life. Some of these cycles were originally coded as spiritual interferences like waves, transmissions and frequencies and ended up with the best category as timelines so it will be interesting to experience the shifting of past and future on your present time blueprint.

Additional items in the timelines category set for clearing are Mental Essence to soul family covenant Cycles, Life cycle covenant, Obsession, Ancestral oppression, cyclic Emotional, Family, Energetic, Physical Spirals, DNA, DNA of others, DNA Resets. Please note we will touch on the timeline aspect of DNA, and the actual designing of DNA will be in our upcoming Designing your DNA class.

Ancient Entitlements

We have taken the time to learn about and clear in an earlier training on entitlements, however just in time for this marathons I have added ancient entitlements that seem to exert pressure and control across the eras, crippling and slowing the progress of many this is largely related to emotional freedom love and happiness where the ability seems to have been stolen of taken away in a previous human age. I plan to guide you in clearing this issue permanently

Items in the ancient entitlements category set for clearing are Atlantis, Egyptian, Lemurian, Caveman.


Not unlike labels, many of them are listed appear to be the same items, yet there is a unique perspective here as realms are a state of existence or a place where you are living out of. We’ll be clearing isolation, shock, compulsion and much more in this deep dive clearing on realms.

Items in the realms category set for clearing are Undeserving, Shock, Spirals, Bloodline, Miasm, Atheist thought form, Adrift, Black Magic, Feebleness, Isolation, Misinformation, feed Compulsion, Blame, Match, Collapse.


These feel like a degrading of self esteem and a lowering of emotions. Brands are what someone has given you, you wear it painfully and it is not you, but you may believe that it is, or be puzzled by how life turned out for you. We will clear this and release you from the stuff that has held you down unwittingly for far too long!

Items in the brands category set for clearing are Suffering, not for me, Declaration, Embarrassment, Scapegoat, Repulsive, disfiguring.


This is largely about being cursed and also telling yourself you are less than. Curses are a known entity to all, yet the unhooking of and full release from can become a complex endeavor. In our last hour together we’ll jump on the high frequency clearing activations to release these troublesome life after life curses and get you free to move forward clear once and for all.

Items in the programs category set for clearing are Soul contracts. I am this, Satanic Curses (6 Types), Family curse, Unworthy, Control energy (6 Types), Curses(9 Types), Demonic Curses, Poor body image, Undignified Imprint.

Support Materials

2020 Programs Chart with full details

Carefully mapped for greatest understanding of what you are clearing where it came from and how and why you are troubled by this issue. Newest information. With these details you can become a master of clearing the programs column, you’ll grow in wisdom and understanding as you increase your power and ability’s to clear every detail of this revolutionary chart.

Quantum Pump: How to Chart

Includes 12 quantum pump techniques everything you will need to know to clear all programs brand labels realms and timelines. Although all hand movements are demonstrated in our live training, it’s so nice to have a reference chart explaining in detail, the hows and whys of each style of pump. This chart is both helpfully reassuring and directive, and will help you gain skill and confidence that you are in deed getting it right as you move to free yourself from blockages in all areas.

Spiritual Freedom Meditation

You are infinitely more powerful than you know. You are a radiant being of light and are divinely connected to the universal source. When you take on the passionate drive to be fully responsible for your magnificent well-being your life is truly blessed. How to meditate properly for spiritual freedom is a deep clean out, healing to the adrenals and includes a DNA improving technique you will love. You’ll learn to tap into your full potential as a passionate, vibrant creator of your life? Practicing the Spiritual Freedom meditation will help you discover the source and the resources within you to generate miracles beyond measure. 31 minutes

Bad Luck Breaker

We have all experienced a streak of bad luck one time or another. The good news is that this meditation can and will turn it all around. Learn how to shift the energy in your field. Work from within and change your luck and your stars!


  • Heart-Centered Bombs of Roses, Breaking Old Patterns
  • Confidence Programing
  • Golden Vac Clean-Out
  • Honor the Self in the Quantum Pleasure Field
  • Erase Bad Luck
  • A feeling of gratitude for the Midas Touch
  • Re-establish Divine Connection and experience the Golden Temple of Silence

The Q5 Bad Luck Breaker meditation helps you take control of your future using a wealth of phenomenal energy tools. Break free of problem energy and feel connected to yourself and the Divine.

Clear Stress

Imagine how it would feel to have your stress melt away, simply by breathing in happiness & peace. Prepare to experience a peaceful calmness that will help you gain focus and clarity.


  • Clear and Ground Your Adrenal System
  • Drain Your Nervous System
  • Engage Both the Survival & Emotional Parts of Your Brain For Grounding
  • Provide A Rainbow Color Reset
  • Re-program the Cellular Body

The Clear Stress meditation is full of luscious imagery that will guide you into a calm serenity to restore your center. You will become grounded in your own competence and capability and you WILL be ready for action.

Owning Your Body

Do you sometimes feel like this is not my body? Are you wondering if you will ever feel in control of your body again? Being connected to and owning your body is essential when striving for a 100% fully self-expressed life. The life you imagine can ultimately be yours when you truly own and love your body, which is your temple. But you need to be in the present time.


  • Kicking out squatters – that which is NOT ME
  • Moving towards a male and female release – healing projects and aggression
  • Creating a center of head clear out
  • Creating the rainbow aura
  • A reconnection with your legs
  • Learning to click in your Spirit To Body

Do you currently have a beautiful connection with your body? Loving your body is the true path to healing and getting back into a wonderful world of action and even excitement. If you have felt disconnected from your body or been left sitting on the sidelines when it comes to self-love, use this meditation and experience a break through now. Say it now – I own my body!

Gyatri Mantra

Chant: Om Bhur Bhuva Swaha 3:30

This was the second Mantra I learned with Guruji. I was gifted a teachers Mala of Rudraksha beads to pray this Mantra on. I spent many days at the outside temple praying the Gyatri, it fortified my resolve on my spiritual quest. The Gyatri with each seed syllable having a profound meaning calls to the devotee as recited the experience of enlightenment.This is the Mantra for enlightenment prayed to Mother Gyatria who is said to have sprung from the Ganges River (Water Goddess).

Literal Translation (modern)

“May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the god:
So may he stimulate our prayers.”
The Hymns of the Rigveda (1896)

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